Help running DemoSplicer


How do you use demosplicer? I was gonna do a segmented run of portal but I can’t even load demosplicer up

How can I merge demos into 1 file?

It’s a command line program so opening it directly won’t show anything.

Once you have all your demos, make sure they’re in a folder with sequential numbers then from a command prompt or in a new .bat file in the same folder as the DemoSplicer.exe run

DemoSplicer.exe outputFilename.dem "D:\Path To\All The\demos"

And it’ll do it’s thing.


the problem is I can’t even load up the program to enter that.


What do you mean by “load up”. If you double click the exe it should just flash up a black window and close


I can’t find any downloads anywhere with a working exe for demosplicer.



Alright that exe works. it does what you said flashes up a black window and closes.


Yeah, you’ll need to launch it with command line parameters, like: