Help me find an orb in ep2.


As far as I know the only orbs that you can get are the one’s from the supply cache’s randomly around the map and I need one for the human base. (Just 1.)

A simple screen shot of an orb will suffice!

I’m currently looking at ways to simply search the whole map for just random orbs on every map. After that I’ll start looking for crates.

find_ent item_ammo_ar2_altfire

Returns a bunch of indexes of all the orbs on the map. A good way to start I guess because if it returns anything then you’ll know that there is one somewhere on the map.

I’ll look a little deeper and see whether there is any way to get a position from an entity index or better yet just the name of the entities.


The road to White forest Inn has a hidden lambda cache that has an orb in it provided you have enough SMG nades and 357 ammo etc. Sometimes it bugs out and gives you 2 or even 3 orbs.