Hey I’m hypnxtize, I had always thought that speedrunning was really cool so I watched tons of random speedruns on youtube. One day I randomly came across half life 2 done quick and read the comments where someone mentioned dwahmov. The audio commentary for dwahmov really interested me, so I looked for gocnak on twitch and watched him an assload. I saw his new engine tutorial and said fuck it I’ll try running this game. So far I’ve done two runs of hl2 (new engine) and I can already see how speedrunning is so addictive. I figured why not try and become more involved in this awesome community, So I signed up for an account. :slight_smile:

p.s. I’ll (probably) be streaming my runs at twitch.tv/Hypnxtize_TV


Hello there Hypnxtize! I might stop by your twitch one day, if I remember.


Yey, welcome to the forums!