Hello !


So I’m Jake, my steam name / nickname is GameDrainer,

I’m into mapping for source games but I’m not great at it :stuck_out_tongue: but my CS:GO deathrun map, simply titled “Deathrun Dev” has over 3000 downloads !

I am starting out as a Half-Life: 2 runner so any advice or help would be great :slight_smile: I do understand tricks such as ABH and ASH, also tricks like wall climbing and teleporting, but any help would be greatly appreciated !

Look forward to meeting other like minded people :slight_smile:


Hello, and welcome to SourceRuns!

If u will need any help, i would recommend you joining our Discord server here: https://discordapp.com/invite/0Sxown9NluQV3uL0

Hopefully see you soon and good luck on your runs! :slight_smile:


Hi there.
I would recommend watching https://twitch.tv/chili_n_such for the latest strats.