Well after lurking around on the forums for the past few months now, I think it’s time to introduce myself. I’m DuckImAQuack or Ben, whichever you prefer. I mainly run Half-Life 2 and some Portal, but I am nowhere near a decent time on either (2:11:10 for Hl2, 13:57 for Portal OoB) but I intend to improve.
I got into speedrunning around a year ago after stumbling upon DWaHMoV. I was astounded by how impressive it was, and how broken the game really was.
For some personal info, I’m 14 (will be 15 in 2 weeks), from Texas, and enjoy almost all things source game related. This seems like a very cool community, and I am happy to be a part of it!


when i joined i had a 12:37 in portal, now im down to 9:50-something. all it takes is dedication.

the community has been really helpful in teaching me how to progress and i highly recommend sticking around. The people can be a bit rowdy, but all in all its a fun place. If you have any questions dont be afraid to speak up.


Welcome! :slight_smile: