Just stopping by to say hi. I’m a pretty new Portal 2 runner who’s still learning the game. Might lurk some on the forums for tips and tricks.

Have a grand total of four(!) completed SS runs under my belt, with a record of 1:33:51.

Mostly running IL’s right now to learn strats and get consistent in preparation for some better SS runs. Not really that fast yet, just passed top 100 average for all levels. Getting there!




From what i understand theres not that many portal 2 runners around. kinda cool to see someone new coming into the community. (i personally dont run p2, i dont like its movement nearly as much as the first portal. doesnt seem to flow as well)

To conclude, if you didnt mention that you ran IL’s id call b.s. on the 1:33. thats pretty intense for only having run the game 4 times in ss. nicely done.

on behalf of all of source runners, or at least the portal running sections of it, welcome to the community.


We don’t see many of your kind. Welcome, stranger.



A rare breed indeed.


Hi Kess