I never made one of these (oops). I found out about speedrunning in early 2012, and I’ve been running Portal for 10 months now. I’m currently focusing on the new OoB segmented run, with a bit of RTA in between. I’ve always been impressed with the cooperation in SR, and I hope that continues with the new segmented run/future runs. I’ve met other source runners, including Yeti, Blizik, Norferzlo, Gocnak, Azorae, at AGDQ 2015, which was an amazing experience. Source runners tend to be really friendly, which makes me glad I decided to run Portal.

Outside of speedrun stuff, I’m from the US, and I currently study meteorology. I also main Peach in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and I’m trying to get into GoldenEye speedrunning as well.


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lock this thread it’s a troll account Kappa

(hi xcd)




Hi xcd, and don’t worry about forgetting to introduce yourself, I forgot and now it would be awkward because I have over 120 posts already somehow. :-\