Hello i’ve been interested in speedrunning some games, like hl2 OE and hl1. So i went through hl2 OE to have my fun, as well i hoped to find new tricks to make the run faster. Mainly because i preferred old engine over new engine, and found somethings but d1_coast_11 changed a lot so i made a video of it. http://youtu.be/qBOwHHfeLC8 hope something is new there, also as the video says i do play it on hard. That said good to be here if i can help i’ll try to.


There is an OE re-run that might be started sometime soon in case you didn’t know
Link to thread - https://forums.sourceruns.org/index.php?topic=2484.0


You’re probably going to enjoy what we have planned for that map :smiley: