Hello! :slight_smile: I have been subscribed to Source Run’s youtube channel for some time now and I have decided to go to the site so here I am. I have been practicing speedrunning half life 2 ever since I first saw dwahmov and I am still pretty bad at it. The only thing I have really managed to accomplish is the water skip in Highway 17. I actually recorded it so here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74_X5w_3A8w&feature=youtu.be

So I guess thats it! Glad to join the site :smiley:


Hey there! Welcome to the forums. Keep practicing, I’m sure you’ll be pretty damn good soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:




I’ve found a semi-working method for a consistent water skip. If you want I can show it to you. Found out hitting the railing isn’t actually needed, with enough speed you can just ABH directly into the water. Or hit the tree and die, or hit the ground next to the tree and get catapulted into space, or hit the friggen wood swirly structure in the middle of the beach and then die, etc.


Yeah I would like to see it. I have practiced the other method for so long and it would be nice to see a more consistent method.


[center]Semi-consistent water skip[/center]
Just ABH down the tunnel from coast_01 like normal.
When facing down the tunnel from the entrance, you want head toward the left side then swing around and stick to the right side of the tunnel.
Before the levelload trigger put your crosshair like this - It should work.


Thanks! I managed to successfully preform the skip on my third attempt with that method.