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Hello, I started speedrunning Half-Life 2 after being wildly impressed by Studio and Gocnak running it on AGDQ and SGDQ last year. I only recently did my first few complete runs (after weeks of learning and practicing the game in sections). My first time ever was 2:36:14, and for now my goal is to get sub 2:15:00.

I was wondering, should I be considering my times based on real time or game time, because that’s always like 9-10 minutes better? And if I go by game time then reaching my goal time will be a lot easier.

Either way, I’m looking forward to browsing the forums for new strats and maybe even contributing my own ideas sometimes.


Hello and welcome! Getting a 2:36 at your first run sounds really good!

We usually use game time since load times can vary depending on your PC, unlike console where everyone has the same hardware.

Good luck on getting sub 2!


Nice to see another active runner! I think you’ll find your time improving very quickly if you keep running and sub 2:15 might be a lot easier than you expect.

Livesplit’s sourcesplit plugin which monitors game time has pretty much become the standard timing method, so you should pick that up if you aren’t already using it.


Thanks, that was also in real time so it was probably around 2:25 in game time. I often get that glitch while loading, so that adds on time.

Yeah I have tons to improve on, and there are some new strats which I haven’t done yet which would instantly shave off about 5 minutes. Going off of game time I’m already 6 minutes away from 2:15 so it really might be easier than expected. Sub 2 will be a different story haha. And yeah, I picked up livesplit after my first run since I wanted to track my times more accurately and automatically. Setting it up took a little bit but I figured it out.