Hello SourceRuns!


Hello SourceRuns community! It’s TheProJamer here (a pun in The Pro Gamer due to the similarity of the word gamer and my name), and a couple of days ago I joined SourceRuns. I have been entirely astonished by the vast size and skill of the speedrunning community, and due to my always-growing interest in Valve games, I decided to put myself forward and join the club.

So what sorts of things do I do?

I play games (PC always with a preference over console, but I still grab consoles purely for the Nintendo-exclusives which I quite enjoy), self-teach game development in the Source and Unity engines (the fact that I’m part of this community makes me not very sure exactly what to do when I find advantageous glitches in games I make), play in local eSports competitions, make YouTube gameplay videos (don’t bother watching, they’re terrible), and, as of recently, start to give speedrunning a shot.

Thanks for reading, and as always, Adios.


Welcome! Glad to see you you joining our forums. Please consider joining our discord server: https://discord.gg/sourceruns You can chat there with the whole community.