Hello SourceRuns! Nate here.


Hello, I am [font=andale mono]Nate from USA. This past month, I discovered AGDQ. After hours of watching past runs of different assortments of games, I went looking for my favourite game series of all time. I saw one of Goknak’s Half-Life 2 runs and in the video he mentioned this site. I finally remembered it and here I am. I am no speedrunner, but I am highly entertained by watching them. The amount of knowledge of the game and the amount of skill to play it fast is far beyond me. Maybe I’ll eventually try to learn, but I feel like that is a lot of time and dedication I don’t have.
Also, I don’t know how any WR runs can be broken. They all look so flawless to me.
My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/nathansswell/
[font=Motiva Sans Thin]λ²


Wow, okay first off, it’s Gocnak*

jk, Welcome to the forums! Even if you have some time here and there, just run through individual chapters of the games without getting too extreme, and before you know it, those WRs won’t look so intimidating ;D