Hello SourceRuns, I am jUN46 and I'm new


I am jUN(Don’t ask how I got it, I just typed in random letters) and I am new here

My first(and only currently) run was a single segment 51 second run of bmg1_experimental_fuel from gaining movement to pulling the lever


Hi, jUN. Welcome to sourceruns. Can’t wait to see some videos from you. What’s your youtube/twitch?


I don’t really know how to convert .dem to .avi but I know source has a built in feature where you can do that


This guide should help you get started. http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Source_Video_Creation


I learned how to convert .dem to .avi the way valve intended it to be, and it requires sv_cheats 1 for it to work and I am converting now


Converting straight to .avi is indeed possible but it results in a worse quality. The guide above uses the in-game commands as well but just outputs an raw image sequence + audio file, so I think that’s equally intended by Valve if you want to call it that.

If you want a low effort solution that’s not as good you can download Open Broadcaster Software and just use that.


OBS doesn’t work well with HL2 for me, but that is probably because I attempted to livestream it from a server over a few miles away

And… It won’t work as usual even when recording


Yeah, you most likely don’t want to use anything like fraps or OBS unless your showing a quick clip of something. You most likely are going to want the best quality for your videos and those programs just won’t cut it. http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Source_Video_Creation Follow what is says there. Once you’ve got the raw bmp/tga and mp3 files, load them into Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere. If you don’t want to use these programs, simply load them into VirtualDub. Most people use VirtualDub for GoldSrc games, so the tutorial for that is HERE. Then you’ll have a nice quality video.


Actually, if you’re looking to record demos, Fraps is a decent alternative to HLAE, startmovie etc though it obviously depends on how good your PC is. quadrazid used Fraps to record the OP4 and BS segmented runs (done on WON engine so HLAE isn’t compatible).

This is not really useful unless you want to convert the raw frames into an .avi. Most people tend to just work with the raw frames from HLAE.