Hello, Source Runs Community.



Since this part of the forum suggests I do so; I am Alexander or “Kess”, I live in the U.S., and I mostly speedrun Portal 2 and I have been since early February. Like a lot of speedrunners, I was inspired by TheNoochM to speedrun Portal 2 during the time when I played the game on XBox 360. From there I got the PC version and learned to speedrun. I have played Half-Life and Black Mesa as well, but my focus is on Portal 2. Right now I don’t have any high rankings on the leaderboards, but I hope to get there. I do practice regularly so I’m not completely bad. Also, if there are any Portal 2 projects that someone needs a hand in, I would be happy to participate given the right task.

That’s it, so…bye I guess.


Welcome to the forums, Kess! I think only Spyrunite, and some of his friends, is working on the Portal 2 run, but that’s pretty close to completion. There’s always other projects you could start on your own, and talk to people about joining in.