Hello \o/


My name is Severi Pääkkönen from finland and im mostly known as rtech from twitch and from Osu!.
I mainly do nothing particular with my life i (try) to run half life 2 and play alot of rhythm games aswell.
I come from rhythm gaming/fps gaming communities and i got involved in speedrunning by my friend who got me to run Super Mario 64.
After some time i heard about Games Done Quick events and i decided to watch the runs all day and took some school off to watch the streams (bad decision school vise lmao) and then there was Half Life 2 run comming up by gocnak and i tought myself, “How in the world is this game even possible to run glitch/trick vise”…
My mind was blown away, it was so epic to watch the run and i will remember it probably my whole life, it was just so awesome to see those abh jump tricks and grenade boosts etc. And i tought myself i will start running this game.
Well after some months i got to know this community site and here i am 8)
Really looking forward to meet you guys and get to know you ;D



Hey there, welcome to the forums!