Hello, members or admins of SourceRuns! Please suggest games for my laptop.


Hello and thank you for giving up your time to this thread.
My name is Andrew C. Diso. Age is 17, gender is Male.
Well that’s pretty basic lets get to the cool ones!

Laptop Specs: (it’s slow as fuck can’t even run half-life smoothly at 34 fps)

Windows XP SP3 PRO Build 2600 DirectX 9.0

Intel Pentium T3400

Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16 GHz

OEM 1.15

2 GiGs

128 MB Graphics (wtf)
And, if you can, please suggest any good games for this grand crap.
Quadrizid is really one of my idols, (and rayvex too.)

I use Bunnymod Pro for speedrunning, (software mode for 40 fps,) and i also play Doom.
I have not tried TASing or using NGHL, but am up for playin’ em’.
I had been playing Half-Life for over 6 years now.

Bye. 8)
(Request games for my crappy laptop, pls)




All Half-Life series: http://www.speedrun.com/hl
CS 1.6, CS: Source; Doom 1, 2, 3; Quake 1, 2, 3; Portal; GTA Sa, GTA Vice City…

Oh, this list is very large


http://eu.blizzard.com/en-gb/games/d2/ one of my all time favourites.


You didn’t have to post this twice but Unturned is pretty fun.
There’s also Race the Sun, Tethered and Mari0, Power game is also pretty fun.


As for Half-Life 2, i cant run it. It plays on a unstable 3 fps. And also the same for CS:S. I mean i can run Source games but it’s just laggy and unplayable. I need games that are less powerful than HL:2. Return To Castle Wolfenstien runs at 17 fps. :’(

Doom 1, 2 runs amazingly. I have now tried Doom 3, but i think i will give it a shot.

GoldSource games runs okey but if i am on OpenGL mode, it lags like at 24 fps. >:(


You could probably run HL2 at 800x600 with this cfg:


LEL :o i got a bluescreen when launching. I wish i can enable Windowed mode. Any tags you can add on the properties to make it run at windowed mode?


And BTW i can’t run Source games even with the .CFG. What other games?


Add -sw to the launch arguments.


I have an old craptop that can’t run much. I just use it for emulators.
Plug in a controller and start playing Super Mario 64. Or even learn to speedrun it, because it’s very popular for speedruns nowadays.




Hello Quadrizid. Maybe i will give it a shot later on.
And for yalter’s answer, yes it works. But i may be more satisfied if i can run it in 640x480.

As for others, HL2’S SyS Requirements is not that demanding,
But it is really demanding **For Me **in more powerful Video Cards. LOL i can only dream of 15 Frames per second for HL2. Source games are so powerful, (for my crap Video Card) and i can’t run them. I measured the FPS in HL2:

4 FPS in full
8 FPS in windowed.

So uhh yeah keep em’ rollin’ in.


And as you guys can see, it recommends up to 1 GB ram while i only have 988 mb ram left, lol.