hello I'm LOLYOU

I’m a little known cs youtuber/streamer and specifically one that’s constantly accused of cheating but knowing most of you are high sens fast pace gamer’s I hope you guys understand cause I’m really sick of it. I come from a background of unreal tournament and a lot of hl2dm. And I’ve been a huge fan of the hl1 and hl2 speed running scene for a very long time followed a bit of the slow process of hl21 and hl2dwahmov which I absolutely loved. A month or 2 ago I started speed running half life 1 on stream casually managed to get a little PB of 39:12. I have a lot of knowledge on the source engine, very well understand bugs tricks and glitches and I would love to be a possible part of the community and would absolutely love to help out!

if your curious any this is my youtube

This is neat, I’ve watched a bunch of your videos in CS. Look forward to seeing some HL1 from you!


Not a bad Half-Life PB. Have you thought about submitting your run to the leaderboards? That time would currently put you in 9th place.

omfg, this l33t hax0r D:
ban him naooo

(joking, your awesome chad)

sup chad, welcome to the website

i think a lot of us already know about you, so expect a warm welcome from all others as well


I saw you were subscribed to my channel, it’s an honor for me :>

Ayyyyyyyyyyyy [font=helvetica]( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

wow such a warm welcome thanks :smiley:

I didn’t save my run and it wasn’t under the rules. >_>

Chaaaaad, welcome man!

I have indeed seen a bunch of your videos and some streaming sessions, nice to have you on board!

Oh and a fun fact… I was randomly going through some stats on my Soundcloud just the other day and in the list of listeners for an old remix I made of a “Slagsmålsklubben” song, I noticed a name I recognized. Apparently you’ve listened to that old remix of mine!

Thought it was a funny coincidence. Anyway, welcome to the forums!

That is funny, I remember going to your soundcloud long time ago. And yes I’m happy to finally be part of the forums! :smiley:

Oh, hey! I was pretty surprised to see you switch over to HL speedrunning from CS on that marathon stream you did a short while ago. Good to have you!


Hello there. It’s nice you also speedrun, since i’ve watched some of your streams for some time. Welcome and enjoy your stay :^)