Hello I'm Ilovepork


Hello I’m ilovepork and i am new on the sourceruns forums.
I speedrun portal and i trying too learn HL2. Not really too much about me then that.And I will lurk the forums from now on^^
On other notes (don’t know if i should talk about it here) I wonder if there is some old engine of HL2 i could get. I not found of how the speedrun on new engine is and
it would more fun too play the old one.


Hello, and welcome to the forums!

ilovepork is an awesome nickname, just try not to mistype the last letter with an “n” :wink:




Stay classy.
Also, welcome!


Check the bottom of this page - http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Game_versions
Just pick anything before Build 5135 for HL2 Old Engine.

And Hello!


Thanks so much for the welcome!


Hi, I also love pork, especially with apple sauce.