Hello :D


Hey all :smiley: Names Sparkle, I discovered Speedrunning last January when I discovered AGDQ :smiley: got super interested in Speed Running after that event and I’ve always been interested in HL2 although I was always too busy with my CSGO and TF2 life to invest time into playing the game. Well I FINALLY gave in and started playing the game casually with the intention of running the game- After my first few playthroughs of the game I really started loving the game more which has made learning this game actually enjoyable :smiley: I starting learning the movements and tricks of this game literally two days ago (9/29) and starting to work on notes and stuff to run this game. For those who will ask I play ESEA-O CSGO on a team called Gaming Flux Currently in Open Playoffs and TF2 ESEA-I On THE HURRICANE. As I don’t think I will ever compete for the record I CAN ALWAYS TRY but realistically I just want to be able to have fun playing games.


Cool stuff, always nice with another CS:GO player! What’s your MM rank? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!


I float between Globe and SMFC but too many cheaters there so I usually play on my badge account


shot an add your way username should be “Sparkles^v^” (if you know of them yes i am a VBat :D)