Hello amazing people!


Hello! :slight_smile:
I’m GamingAndStuffs. I am primarily a portal 2 speedruner, but I want to start getting into other source games.
I am currently working on TAS tools for portal 2/the source 2011 engine in general.

My current PB for P2 is 1:35:45. I know, fantastic [obvious sarcasm is obvious]


Welcome! Yalter is coming up with something in the near future in terms of TAS Tools so you can maybe cooperate with him.


Welcome. Don’t see many portal 2 runners around. I hope to see your work.


“I am currently working on TAS tools for portal 2/the source 2011 engine in general.”
What the
How are you going to do that ?


I am planning to write a plugin for source 2011 to handle keystrokes and mouse movements, and to stop and start the game, which would be controlled by an external GUI. I know, it’s a messy way to do it, and will require a lot of reloading levels, but I think it’s the only way. My original plan was to have the GUI write and modify demos, and to have the plugin update the demo being played in the engine. After doing some research, plugins don’t have as much power as I thought they did, and that doing this would require modifying the code of the source engine, which would require decompiling the game, recompiling it and distributing it. That I think is illegal, and even if it wasn’t, there is no way to decompile it. Even if none of that mattered, the way packets are stored in plugins is unknown, so this idea was dead from the beginning.


I’m not sure if this will help, but Sourcemod has support for CS:GO and Alien Swarm which use a similar engine to Portal 2.


It might, but I don’t have either of those games :’(.


Alien Swarm is free. It also has an SDK with the source code.


Oh. Then I’ll look into it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Nice to see another Portal 2 speedrunner. Welcome.