Hello all


Hey, I’m pseudonym (or pseudo for short). I’m 20 as of this post, from California. I first learned of SourceRuns from someone sending me a link to DWaHMoV, and I was fascinated (I can’t think of a better word) by how much you can break HL2. However, as a casual game I enjoyed Portal more than HL2, and started watching streams of that (and HL2, but not as much).

I was always interested in doing it myself, but I’m a chronic procrastinator, so 2 years after seeing DWaHMoV, I’ve finally gotten the Unpack and I’m learning Portal routes (partly from Blizik’s inbounds tutorial, partly from XeiZ’s tutorial videos).

I can’t really say “My PB is xx:xx.xx” because I’ve been having some issues with LiveSplit and thus haven’t bothered to do runs with it running, it’s definitely 20+ minutes but I know that I have a lot that I can improve on cough anything after 18 cough

tl;dr hi I’m Pseudo, semi-professional lurker, AMA


Welcome to SourceRuns. Do you stream on Twitch or plan to?


Not as of yet? It’ll be here if I do, I’d want to fix my LiveSplit issues first though.


Hello pseudonym! Welcome to SourceRuns.org!


What are the livesplit issues you have?


I haven’t been able to get it to not count loads. I figure there’s a decent chance of there being a thread somewhere that could help, but I haven’t done a whole lot of full runs so I haven’t gone and looked it up yet.




When you have sourcsplit installed, right click and choose Compare Against, Game Time.
Did you already try this?


Well, yep that fixed it. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, I was away from my computer for the weekend.


Cool to see a new portal runner. If you need tips or to learn about tricks i run oob (but know most inbounds routs) and will be happy to stop whatever im doing when im streaming to lend a hand.

my oob pb as it stands is 10:30 something. so i’d say im upper average.