Hazard Course


Should we do Hazard Course speedrun? I know there is alot of them in HL1, but this would be in HL:S.



Nice run, could use some improvements, but it was done in such a short time span. I was thinking of doing one on the side, but I never got around to it.


It could be better IF I would use some more work for it. I didnt use bhop so much where I rly could. The only part I did work the most is from the Target Range. It took me some time to do that SMG Nade Boost and LongJump trought those two fences.


It would be interesting to see what time quadrazid would get, considering that he (together with rayv3x) is the current record-holder of the Hazard Course with HLSP Bunny. He, if anyone, should know how to optimize a HC-run.

It’s a pretty short run so I might play around with the hazard course and see what kind of time I get. Perhaps we could post demos of each map and compare times that way?


Ah hell, why not. Turns out I can’t find any of my Phase 1 demos anywhere, so I’ll be spending the following weeks re-running them :expressionless: I’ll start with this.


There is no Elevator bug when you press the button and step near elevator door. So the time might be different than 2:42, because elevator ride is like 10-15 seconds o.o


This isn’t source but I’m curious to find out if something like this would work?


I don’t think you can use any buttons through walls any more in source. Correct me if I’m wrong.

If the map change trigger extends outside the door you can sneak outside the elevator and change level. That would skip the elevator ride. I’m going to look at some routage.


I dont know if we can use buttons through doors either, but if we can, it doesnt matter if we cant skip the elevator ride, just wait inside for the transition then press the OUTSIDE button and the door will open, only the inside button is blocked by the game (well this is how I used to get out of all elevators in hl1 before I learned about the zone being bigger than the elevator itself)