2012 is boring so far. I don’t recommend it.


Sweet, I got 9 hours left of the awesome 2011 :>


Has the world ended yet?


21 dec that will happen, not 1 jan :smiley:

less than 6 hours here. Happy new year!!!


6 Hours left. I plan to be out of my head about an hour before then.


Is doing nothing tonight :’(


Less than 2 hrs lool. Happy new year in advance!


I’m still in 2011. yay


January 1st 2012 01:51 - Wow, everything feels so new and refreshing!


Happy new year Source-runners! :slight_smile:


Any of us not in 2012 yet? Lol.

Happy new year guys :slight_smile:

Try not to die Dec 21st, k?


Happy new year! 2012 started with a serious hangover, nothing but smooth sailing from here on!