I was going to make a skillout video featuring you but I thought it might ruin the tricks video. :-\

Best wishes! :smiley:


Read: “but I fell asleep during my all-nighter.”

Grattis på födelsedagen Josh o/


Thankyou my friends. I saw the topic, Jared you messed up whatever permissions thing you were trying to do :P. Made me happy just knowing you were going to do it, no problem ^_^.

Read: "but I fell asleep during my all-nighter."

Ha! I never use the “-” character in chat.


D’oh, oh well, happy birthday, Gelukkige verjaardag. Here, I made this for you http://na.sourceruns.org/bday.html


I know, I’ve seen it. And the penis on the fourth frame is indeed amusing.


Happy Birthday man, I hope you have a nice day :slight_smile: Oh, and CooL’s penis-animation is an awesome birthday-present!


Better save thread space. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!


Yes, thread space is important!

Congrats Josh! :smiley:


yay :smiley:




Ah luv yoo all


This thread needs more animated penises (penizes)!

Post-birthday gratulations from Sweden :slight_smile:


^Getting right on that. Gotta hook up my old computer.