Hammer Error

So i was gonna make a map and then all of a sudden when I click the new button, I get this error “Failed to load default scheme file. The map views may be missing some visual elements.” and if i click “OK” this happens:

and yes, I’ve tried starting it from the \bin folder
Please help :stuck_out_tongue:

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B - While I can’t provide an exact solution, I use Source SDK (the one without any years on it), and boot it from the bin folder and it works. Also I’m on Windows 8

I am on windows 7 and I only have this problem when I launch the “Source Sdk” but if I launch the “counter strike global offensive - sdk” it works fine, but the friggin sourcesdk wont even show like grids

Mine actually just started screwing up yesterday (day I made prev post). No idea whats going on anymore.

This is just odd…

Bumping this to ask if someone have a fix for this yet

I have found a fix for this error, but you will need counter strike source for it. What you need to do is you launch source sdk, but instead of selecting hl2, select counter strike source. Then just make the map as normal, the only exception is that you must have a info_player_start as a player spawnpoint otherwise you cannot spawn on the map inside of portal or hl2, therefor do not use the info_player_terrorist or the info_player_counterterrorist.

(More bumps) Apparently the source sdk has been broken for a while, Opening hammer through this tends to fix it I think: SteamApps/Common(Or Source Mods)/Half-Life 2(Or name of your game)/bin/hammer.exe

Starting from bin folder doesnt help me.