Half-Life: Uplink 1:39 on Hard Difficulty


Single-Segment speedrun performed by Pineapple on Hard Difficulty

Half-Life: Uplink Bunny mod

Quadrazid offered me a challenge to beat his time on Uplink using another toggledelay trick which pretty much took me to the end straight away after I pick up the crowbar. It wasn’t that exciting but it certainly did the job. :slight_smile:

ToggleDelay script for uplink "+forward;w200;w200;w100;+attack;w200;w100;-attack;-forward;w200;+forward;speak two;w200;-forward;+back;+attack;w;-attack;w200;-back;+forward;w200;w200;-forward;+jump;+duck;w10;-duck;-jump;w50"


How can i change level without delay (with out the line “Loading…” in the screen"


If you record a demo of your speedrun and play it, you will notice there are no “Loading” screens. After that, I captured then edited.


what is the record program?


Damn, Pineapple, your use of the triggerdelay alias was impressive as hell. Fav’d.


I feel so terrible… this is the first time ever anyone have beaten one of my speedruns.

And yeah, the triggerdelay rocks our socks off. I’m impressed you managed to use it in a SS. :slight_smile:


That was awesome


Woah, Pineapple shows he’s no banana! Nice work Pineapple, nice work indeed.

I’m not to fond of triggerdelay trick in general, but this sure was a nice run :slight_smile:


Good job, also, segmented run of this would be a total killer :stuck_out_tongue: