Half-Life Speedrun (28:10)


Hello everyone.
7 Days ago i finished my first Half-Life speedrun. And this is NOT a world record, because i used sv_airaccelerate 100 (but i didnt abused it). But that was all the same very tricky and i enjoyed making it. So, if you have time and you interested, check it out.


I don’t really see the point of using 100 airaccelerate when you didn’t use it’s full potential.
You did abuse it at some places though. Like the On A Rail object boost at 12:25, keeping 2000ups+ all the way to the double doors which was cool to see.
With a new “category” like this I’d like it to be more unique and use the new physical possibilities. Maybe you can make another run when you’ve seen the HL20 tricks?
I’m positive a 100aa run could clock in sub-15min. For example; you could reach the level trigger in the testchamber ceiling without the sample by just building speed and surf your way up. Only this would save 2 minutes compared to HL20, 3 minutes compared to SWs run.

I notice you use NGHL which features both hlspbunny (restores uncapped bunny hop) and RCD (speedometer among other tools). That’s a lot of modding. Call it cheats if you like, it’s not a clean and pure HL version as you seem to think.

That said, I think it’s a very good being your first and I hope you continue making more runs : >


When i first look that there was a new thread i thought the HL20 run was out. But because there was 28:10 i was surprised. But then i clicked and it wasn’t by the HL20 team. Never ever scare Mr. Otis like this again please no. But good run even if i use airaccelerate ;D


Excellent job! Thank you for the shown
This run with sv_airaccelerate 100 sometimes looks like rocket flight.
Quad says true, if you use all the features of sv_airaccelerate 100 and HL20 tricks (or other new cuts) you can made even more cool speedrun.

EDIT: Please stick to English in these forums, everyone should be able to understand everyone.



Thank you guys for tips and supporting. Didnt thought, that people here are positive about “cheat” speedruns. Anyway, before the HL20 is useless to start another sv_air speedrun (and im not ready yet to start something serious), but i like the idea. Also, if you want, you can check out my new, short speedrun (Office complex without NPC door glitch) which i finished today.

P.S. I dont know, how to correctly capture and render vids. I mean, that my videos are “watchable” (sort of), but quality and fps would be much better. Which capture software and resampling methods could you recommend?


I love it when speedruns finish with 1hp. Nice work.