Half Life: Source Segmented Speedrun

YaLTeR, Griffin, nin_talal, Nan0kub, KELLZ, BitRain.

It was planned ages ago but never executed because Episode 2 was more interesting but we found an ANCIENT version of HL: Source full of great exploits and glitches that we can use to our advantage, for example, bad mapping allows us to skip all of Blast Pit and Clipping allows us to skip all of Questionable Ethics.

Here’s a demonstration of the kinds of strats and tricks you’ll see in the finished run

And here’s a timesheet:

Some chapter times:

Anomalous Materials 2:26
Unforeseen Consequences 0:36
Office Complex 0:17
“We’ve Got Hostiles” 0:04
Blast Pit 1:15
Power Up 0:04

If anyone wants to help out just say so!

I can’t wait for the final product. I’ve always wanted to see a segmented speedrun for the Source version of Half Life 1.

So we finished On a Rail in 1 minute and 10 seconds and Apprehension in 1 minute and 24 seconds.

kinda like this

What’s the estimated time?

I think maybe 18 minutes

Oh that’s really good. :ok:

We finished Residue Processing in 39 seconds and Questionable Ethics in 4 seconds!

That’s impressive BitRain!