half-life source bunnyhopping ????

anybody know how to do a proper bunnyhop in hl source im not talking jumping repeatedly i mean actually bunny hopping and gaining speed like half-life 2 im jsut curious.

The method is called Bunnyhopping but the short name is bhop. It’s s style which is similar to Quake strafejumping.Here is a good site which both describes the jumping style AND shows the jumping style:http://fidosrevenge.com/bhop/Here’s another description of it:QUOTE Bunny hopping:Bunny hopping is commonly mistaken for strafe-jumping but it is the ability to make a 90 degree or less turn when holding one of the strafe buttons but releasing the forward button.The method is to hold left - jump - move mouse to the left - jump - hold right and move mouse to the right (and so on). You don’t have to change between right and left, you can keep doing it to the right but then you will go around in a circle.Another description:QUOTE Perform a strafejump using the RIGHT strafe button, and while you’re in the air, release the jump button and press it again before you land. Continue holding strafe-right. Turn the mouse SLOWLY to the right.Before you start the bhop you should NOT be facing forward but slightly to the LEFT if your doing a bhop to the RIGHT!Note that when doing this you should NOT hold in forward, I repeat: When bunnyhopping in HL1 you should NOT hold in forward! (except for the first jump, as help). You don’t actually NEED to hold forward in the first jump either, but it’s easier that way - otherwise you need to increase your angle so that you are looking almost backwards.Strafe to the right - jump - mouse to the right - strafe to the left - jump - mouse to the left - strafe to the right - jump - mouse to the right…Check out the first link, it shows it pretty good.///This video shows pretty much all Quake3 tricks, including strafejump (which is bunnyhop WITH holding forward):http://www.own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=3683You can see what keys he presses and when, but remember that he uses forward - you should not! (except for the first jump, as help).It’s really not THAT complicated, but I hope that some of this info has been good :slight_smile: If anyone can give other/better descriptions please do…

haha. if its anything like tfc bhopping it pwns!

Or Natural Selection :slight_smile: