Half-Life Single-Segment, Easy skill 32:55


quadrazid proudly presents…

Half-Life Single-segment in 32:55

VLC Player recommended

Insane quality, 1435mb
1280x720 60fps X264
Audio commentary on track 2

Medium quality, 328mb
640x360 30fps
Audio commentary on track 2

Youtube, 720p
Demo [requires hlspbunny mod]

Started this project April 2010. Back then, I had an estimated time of 46 minutes. Time went on and I found new styles and tricks. Finished the first run January 20, 2011, with a time of 38:57.
More tricks were discovered, skill increased. April 1st, I finished in 35:21. Revolutionary tricks and routes was discovered. June 30, I did a 33:37 run with poor gameplay.
Just one day after, July 1st I finished an almost flawless single-segment run in 32:55.

Please visit: http://www.nghl.tk - New G@uge Clan. Download latest hlspbunny and much more awesome stuff by rofi.


I also get many questions about how many attempts I’ve done. It’s been very variously. Probably about 40+ attempts til I finished the very first run, 38,57.
Then It took a long time before I did more attempts again, but this time I was better prepared. Only about 15 failed demos before the 35,21. Then again, It took long time before next attempt session. I had the perfect route and had a plan for everything, but i just wanted too much. Recoded attempts probably 5-6 hours that day without any success at all. I don’t know how many failed demos though.
Some days later I did 33,37 in my first attempt, but I got really nervous and the gameplay turned out really poor. Following day I did more attempts; 8 failed demos before 32,55. I actually still got those failed demos in my HL folder if someone is interested, lol.
So overall, not very many attempts. But I practiced more than recorded attempts, also lot of Adrenaline Gamer (HLDM)

Chapter Times:

Anomalous Materials 4:25
Unforeseen Consequences 1:21
Office Complex 1:28
“We’ve Got Hostiles” 0:19
Blast Pit 4:32
Power Up 0:00.5
On A Rail 3:24
Apprehension 2:24
Residue Processing 2:05
Questionable Ethics 2:14
Surface Tension 3:23
“Forget About Freeman!” 0:49
Lambda Core 2:08
Xen 0:32
Gonarch’s Lair 1:43
Interloper 1:17
Nihilanth 0:45

List of the most spectacular glitches used. Thanks to oasiz for writing most of them.

A quick list if glitches in no particular order, I suggest watching the recent SS run to get the idea:

NPC push - Was explained pretty well, there is also an flag in doors which specifies if it’s usable by NPCs. Sometimes you can panic them to open doors for you (grenades for example). This requires that they actually have path nodes that they want to use, so it’s not usable at every door in the game sadly.

Chamber skip - High up in the roof there is a trigger_changelevel that is supposed to be activated at the end of the resonance cascade. However, this trigger is missing a flag “USE only” so it can be activated by touch as well, which is very rare throughout the game. “sv_maxvelocity 2000” Is not updated very frequently, so I’m able to override it in order to get enough speed for this particular scripted objectboost followed by a double-duck onto the sloped object to give me some vertical velocity. Crashing into the wall and the side of the pipe to give me more controllable horizontal speed. Curving around a bit out from the wall to reach the trigger. I let the the script continue and taking advantage of my “trigger_changelevel delay” to avoid some obstacles that would have blocked my path if I would transit to the new map right at the trigger (the hanging bars that can be seen at 0:33 in the video below). The trigger also exists on the new map, transiting me back to the old map, and this process starts to loop until I am out of the trigger-zone. But I avoid that problem completely bu using trigger delay. And there is no worry about loosing the weapons, since i got none at this point anyway. Overall this trick saves about 60s.

Here you can see the boost with velocity-meter in slowmotion, with triggers visible and without fade-in. (Clips from testchamber is not footage from the actual run, remainder is)


Object push acceleration - simply an programming error where you gain tons of speed from pushing an object, with proper maneuvers you can maintain that speed, while staying in the air. Allows for huge superjumps across gaps, speedboosts too.

Elevator skip - The elevator at the start of office complex never actually moves, it just makes noises and shakes. The levelchange brush takes care that you end up in the same coordinates from it’s origin in the next map, all that you need to do is to fool the game to think that you are still inside the elevator when the doors close (Doors close + you inside are the conditions for an level change, no matter which of the two buttons you press to close it). There is a small leak for the levelchange outside the elevator doors, all you need to do is to hug the doors while they close and you end up outside then. Since both areas occupy the same space, you just end up in the exact same spot but in another level. You can technically put yourself anywhere with this oddity (This is where triggerdelay comes in…).

Triggerdelay - Only sensible explanation I can come up with is that the game queues player actions in a buffer, level change being one of them. So if you flood the buffer with “wait;wait;wait” for example, you can make it process things a lot slower. This is an advantage since it allows parts of the gamecode to run normally, the previous action you were in is still the one that you are in as the game hasn’t processed a new action (like letting go of an button). So what you need to do is to do the action that you want to do during the “freeze” (mouse aiming seems to work during the action-overflooding) So you will likely just want to walk forwards as that allows you to re-position yourself, technically it can be any action you want to. While doing that action, start flooding the action buffer with waits and trigger the level change, it will be inserted in to the queue of actions. This will allow you to re-locate yourself as you are still doing tons of waits and the walking action (in this example) was the last one that you did and the game hasn’t received any new data due to the waits that you have put there. After the game processes the changelevel it doesn’t matter where you are since it has already considered you in an valid trigger and just waits for the queue to finish.
So: Walk towards the trigger, start flooding with waits (depending on how much time you need after reaching the trigger to relocate yourself), Reach the trigger and trigger it, walk away and wait until the waits are gone and the level will change as if you just had walked in to it.
This allows you to reposition you anywhere you want to as some areas in the game overlap, such as powerup/office complex elevator/lambda elevator. There is a annoying oddity with this, it glitches your weapons in some cases, renders them unusable.
Complicated theory but I hope that made at least some sense :smiley:

Blast pit - You can jump to the lower level and skip a lot of the venturing around. You just have to open the doors trough the wall as they expect you to come from a different direction. The blast itself is mostly cosmetical, some damage is there if you get too close to normal gameplay areas such as the glass. Most of the areas do no damage at all to you.

Water boosting - At some places there is a trigger_push in or just above the water to simulate water flow on entities like barrels, boxes and players. By crouching very rapidly, you can use this pushtrigger many times. (imagine yourself sitting on the edge of the bathtub pulling your feet up and down in the water, lol) To achieve best boost, i use a duckloop script and also higher fps (ex. 200fps, twice as many ducks, twice the boost). The Residue Processing water trigger_push is set to 280, so just a 5click scroll with mousewheel can give +1400ups. Refer to normal walkingspeed, 320ups.
This kind of boosting is also somewhat usable on func_conveyor.

Powerup - This is where the triggerdelay comes in to place, combined with an object push boost.

Rocket launch - Pushed trough a wall, rocket fire is just cosmetical and doesn’t hurt you.

Alien slave opens the door - NPC door trick, in this case you just panic him to open the door.

**HP regen during beat-up **- The game teleports you in to an black room behind the room where you get beaten up, It’s conveniently close enough to the room you get teleported from. For some reason the medstation is usable and since it’s close enough, you can just use it trough the wall if you place yourself correctly :slight_smile: There is a small jump that you need to perform inside the black box to reach the wall.

Q-ethics skip - Using a button trough the wall

Snark boosts - These are solid and act as jumping platforms, it does require some crazy practice to get them to work properly as they just tend to get stuck inside you most of the time.

After cliff/sewers - Gauss boost on a small slope, works wonders.

Health-door - for some reason in this map the designer left both of the doors (likely copypasted) with -1 damage value, sadly this hurts you with -1 damage (which is negative negative => positive) per tick, which is once per frame.
Since the HEV is the first thing that gets damage in these situations, you have to have zero HEV otherwise it will get increased instead. The value is possibly an 16bit integer so that means a maximum of 65535HP , which is plenty.
Raising the FPS in this helps a lot as you get n amount of hp per second related to your FPS. so 20fps is 20hp/s, 1000fps is 1000hp/s and so on…
HUD only shows from 0 to 255 (8bits) so it will look a bit weird. HEV starts to change symbols per each loop.
The main trick here is to get the door to hurt you, easiest way is to get stuck inside it as if it’s trying to kill you.

Hornet gun, aka “the magical physics manipulator” - Yeah, this baby allows you to stop pretty much all moving objects in the game or reverse direction of elevators, doors and stuff. For example you can shoot at the falling debris in “forget about freeman” and freeze it in midair, thus pass under it while it floats midair for a while. In the SS run it’s used to close the Lambda complex elevators quickly. The hornets make the game think that the object is stuck, thus either reverses it’s direction or halts it until the hornet is “dead”.

Lambda elevator doors - Minor optmization, the button outside the elevator has a 2-3 second delay before it sends an “open/close” action to the doors, the inner button however has none. It’s used in the SS to open the doors quicker and shoothing those with the hornet gun makes them close a lot faster. Another way is to use the outer button to “queue” it and use the inner button immediately after it, the inner button opens the doors and the outer one triggers very shortly after they are open as it’s waiting time is over. It doesn’t care if it opens or closes the doors.
This elevator uses the same teleport/placement trick as seen in the office complex elevator. Triggerdelay is theoretically usable in here too.

**Lambda doors **- Magical hornet gun closes the doors quicker than you’d normally get. (Reverses direction).

Lambda entry scientist - Grenade panics him so that he opens the door before you enter the room, saves some time.

Teleporter room entry- Piss off barney with gauss to open the door quicker, then panic him with grenade so that he runs towards the teleport room and opens all the doors for you. The panicking can be applied to the scientist as well.

Xen teleporter sequence skip - There is two layers of triggers. The nether one is a trigger_teleport and the upper one is a trigger_hurt. Whenever something goes in the trigger_hurt (10000dmg) It has a small delay before it can hurt again. Something like 0.5s which is enough to slink down to the teleport.

Gonarch - Hardcoded piece of-… He has set HP per each node, it regains HP each time it reaches a new node (It’s set to an value, not increased), after enough nodes it runs to the next area. So there is little point damaging him outside the nodes.
The breakable floor has tons of HP but you can break it with enough explosives.

Nihilanth - We tried to figure this bastard out, he has some logic but it’s very confusing. HP is pretty hardcoded and relies on some randomness. The SS strategy is very optimal and fast.

I think that covers most of the tricks, questions? ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Anomalous Materials
Straight forward chapter,except an interesting trick at the end. High up in the roof there is a trigger_changelevel that is supposed to be activated at the end of the resonance cascade. However, this trigger is missing a flag “USE only” so it can be activated by touch as well, which is very rare throughout the game. “sv_maxvelocity 2000” Is not updated very frequently, so I’m able to override it in order to get enough speed for this particular trick. A scripted objectboost, overriding the maxvelocity of the game: 2000ups, followed by a double-duck onto the sloped object to give me some vertical velocity. Crashing into the wall and the side of the pipe which gives me some horizontal speed. Curving around a bit out from the wall to reach the trigger_changelevel. Continue the script and taking advantage of my “trigger_changelevel delay” to avoid some obstacles that would have blocked my path if I would transit to the new map right at the trigger. There is no worry about loosing the weapons, since i got none at this point anyway. Saving 60s.
Check this video to see it with your own eyes

Unforeseen Consequences
After transition I’m facing the centrum hexagon. Some brushes have minor compile problems. On this wall I could take advantage of it, because the wall is not completely flat, and somehow sticky. I use this to avoid falldamage. At the bottom of this hexagon is a pretty big invisable ledge. Form this ledge its easy to just walk off and duck into the window. Rest of this chapter is straight forward.

Office Complex
Complex Office. Using the trigger_teleport outside the actual elevator. Using scientist through wall to make him follow and by that open the door. Bunny through some vents. Jumping on top of headcrab to reach ladder. 2000ups objectboost into curved wall. Upstairs, up ladder, get shotgun, kill crabs to avoid Barney’s bloodthirstiness to kill 'em. Push Barney against door to open it.

“We’ve Got Hostiles”
Recharging while scientist talks, use him between his speeches, push against door - 2min saved.

Blast Pit
Skipping tram ride, about 5s faster. Green toxic trigger_push abuse for the first time in the run. Really satisfied with this chapter.

Power Up
At the end of Blast Pit, I take the medkits mostly to smash the headcrab. Or it would annoy me on my way back. Objectboost to next trigger_changelevel, but just before activating my special triggerdelay alias. Turning around to the map overlapping spot, using box for objectboost, and end of alias: BOOM - Spawning at the same origin but on the next map with same velocity - 2000. From the place I spawn, it’s only about 1000 units to the “On A Rail” So Power Up is done in 0.5s :>

On A Rail
I take damage in the electrical water til my armor is down to about 32-31. Thats the optimal value to keep as much health as possible after the grenadeboost. Headshoting grunt, objectboost, rail bunny hop.
Here comes also the first bigger flaw in the run. Right before I launch the rocket, I panic all the grunt by shooting some AR-grenades up in the air. This is mostly enough cover til I push button. But one og the grunts refused to get scared and countered with an AR-grenade too. Now it was my turn to panic since I was on very low health (31) and would die instantly if the grenade would go off next to me. But that stupid bastard wasn’t aiming for me. I guess he saw a bird or something. 10 seconds lost here.

Not very satisfied with this chapter. Couldn’t get through the hole in my bhop before the gman scene. Had to take a break on top of a light. Then I am able to keep my speed after the objectboost right before Gman. But I got stuck on the ladder on the other side. Then I also messed up with some script at the lever before they capture me. So i didnt open the port enough the keep my bunnies underneath it.

Residue Processing
I’m glad i was able to keep my speed after the pipe. The ground got some invicable edges that is really easy to get stuck on. Later on there is some extreme pushtrigger abuse, rox.

Questionable Ethics

Surface Tension
Nice chapter. Nice gaussjump out over the dam, landing by ladder. Nice snarkboosts. Nice slopejump over the gate at the tanks. Nice route to bypass Barney. Nice techniqe using the grunts to open the door for me. Nice positiv damage from the door. The door is a very simple mapping error. The damage value of the door is set to -1 which means that if you get squeezed in it, you’ll receive +1 health point. This also applies to armor points. That is why I’m waiting for the grunts to take away all my armor. Once all armor is gone, I shoot an AR-grenade to scare the NPC behind me, he will try to take cover, and the game calculates his path to be straight through the door, and thats enough to make the door get open, neither the door is locked or not.
Once I get stuck in the door, I’ll receive 1hp/frame. 100fps - 100hp/sec. To take real advantage of this I raise my fps to 1000, which is max possible - 1000hp/sec. The HUD only display values between 0 and 255. My actual health when leaving the door is ~3850hp.

“Forget About Freeman!”
Objectboost as soon as the glass breaks. Picking up some cells and take a boost from the alienslave. falling down the ladder, skimming the water, grenadeboost, gaussboost. Reversing the elevator doors with the hornet gun. The left button opens up the doors faster then the right one (thanks droogie, oasiz, lol)

Lambda Core
One of my favorite chapters to speedrun. Some really nice damageboosts here.
Also a neat scientist skip found by Spider-Waffle. Breaking the glass so that the scientist is able to see and get panicked by the grenade i put outside. This makes him run towards the other door and open it for me. The first door will open once all alien grunts are dead, no matter where the scientist is positioned.

Since I got really much health, I simply take the fastest way down.

Gonarch’s Lair
Sometimes Gonarch refuse to take my damage. But this time it went well.

Started to get nervous. Some ugly movement and a failed Compactboost. Not very time consuming though.

Unloading all of my most effective weapons (most dmg/sec). The grenades is only thrown to have a clue about timing. Once the giant baby is damaged enough, it will open its head after about 20s. Then I compactboost up and finish him off with my best spam weapon.
Player: gg

I am to lazy to write more than this. But if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Old shit

[u]New record, 33:37![/u]
[u]New record, 36:00![/u] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4_qydjpNUs

Improvement list:

[ul][li]Less tries for testchamber aslave boost, (only 36hp left, accidently had to recive medkit from sci. at WHGH)
Failed ARboost up to lever before the kidnap.
Big momma last stage, 3rd waypoint, missed gauss.

  • Some overall movement mistakes.[/li][/ul]
First finished run, 38:57! Demo: #1 http://deanyd.net/garbage/2011_01_19-22_48_33-c1a0_ss_nihil.zip #2 http://www.mediafire.com/?vzcekeybub8d42v You'll need hlspbunny mod in order to play demo.

And I’m really satisfied with it.
It was just at Nihilanth where every possible thing that could be wrong, went wrong. I’d say I lost 40 seconds at Nihilanth only. I fell down the Blast Pit toxic waterfall, lost about 10s.
And I got the bhop pattern wrong to bypass the On a Rail tripmines and tollgates in a good matter. So On a Rail didn’t get that fast paced that I use to have it.

Besides of that stuff, I don’t think I can wish for any better.

//new http://www.mediafire.com/file/l8y0zut36t1imay/2010_07_18-15_51_16-c1a0_snarkfail.rar fast demo. fails at healthdoor, surface tension. 29min long. SW - 22min quad - 29min RandomE 31min

Routedemo from Surface Tension, healthdoor to end. 9min long.
SW - 7,40
quad - 9,00
RandomE - 14,20


I’m about to make a run as topic says. I’ve made three route demos. Or rather a SS attempt. I played like a SS run and only 1 attempt each. I think the time is around 46min, but I havent done any timing.

So I just wanna see if someone have suggestions or anything else that would halp :slight_smile: thx

3 demos.zip 42mb (steam, hlspbunny mod)


Good luck dude! plus you’ll get the $50 bount for a SS Half Life sub 55 mins. Actually, that’s no scripts and on Hard. Does that disqualify you? D:


Thanks ;D

rofl, nah. I decided to make a easy run just becaus it will be much more entertaining to make and watch. I dont have to waste time being super carefull with enemies ect. So I can focus on the route and more advanced tricks :slight_smile:

I’m still not sure if to use gaussboost script or not. I did not in the current demos. But it would save a fair amout of time.


You’re not allowed to use scripts in that bounty? Does that mean in-game scripts as well. :o


I’m not going for the bounty, and yes, that includes in-game scripts, which is the only kind of script jused for HL1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Just watched it all, amazingly done dude. I loved it :D. The second death was pretty hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh thanks man :slight_smile:
Ya I have some strange lag problems, you might noticed it in the demos as well. each minute or something it lags quite a bit… Thats why I fell down the silo ladder >:(;D

So now I just have to do it in one go, and preferably faster ;D


Good luck man! In the credits, can you make a link to SourceRuns :smiley:

Cuz, you know, we’re sexy
Edit: Thank ye kindly


Thanks man :slight_smile: ofc, i can do that!

I’ve played around a while with gauss-script and decided to use it. Saves about 40sec.


How’s this going :slight_smile:


Pretty good! It’s just damn annoying going through the slow testchamber over and over before the run is actually starting.

It’s the slavejump in testchamber that is hardest atm. That jump is way harder on easy skill, rofl. Only 20hp boost compared to 30 on hard skill. Then Blast Pit is the hardest chapter. Tentacles are so random lol. Once I get passed those two areas I know every part pretty good. Been practicing on different chapters for a while.



Maybe you should consider running it on medium for that jump. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah, you’ll get it man, I’ve been working on a SS for HL2 for some time now, and I keep dying at that sniper part after Ravenholm and before the Coast. Yes, I get pissed off because HL2 has some pretty long-ass cutscenes, but one day I’ll make a nice fast SS speedrun :smiley: Keep at it!


Cool! Lets hope the Half-Life series gets a double release of SS speedruns then ;D
Damn, HL2 must be even tougher? maybe HL1 is a little harder to execute, but HL2 is over 2 hours long!
Whar difficulty? what time are you aiming for? Good luck anyway!

I’m forced to take a break with my attempts. Both to repair my computer and also for some heavy schoolwork the very last weeks of my schoollife :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really not to sure yet, HL2 is such a long game, but I’m hoping 1 hour 50 minutes maybe. I’m taking a lot of risks, so that I can end up with the best time.


Hmm… Half Life 2 may be easier as there’s less focus on acing tricks like nade jumping when you can fly around on your hands. :stuck_out_tongue:




You hold objects with your hands. For all intensive purposes you’re jumping off your hands right?


Got a nice attempt that ended up with a death caused by my own rifle’nade at Apprehension.
10 seconds before RandomEngy at that point. So a 42-45 run is very likely. (RE is’nt using the xen-teleport-skip nor the health-door)

Soon my friends :wink: hopefully



As for HL2SS, might be a little bit longer :stuck_out_tongue: