Half Life - Save files for practice/testing [38 saves]


Hi, i spent the afternoon making save files for half life 1. The saves are mostly where critical tricks, jump-sections and boosts are. But also at bigger map changes and parts. Just generally places where you do glitches or want to practice/test stuff.

There are 38 saves, first save is from when you push the sample in to the Anti-Mass Spectrometer, and the last is just in front of the teleporter to the nihilanth fight.

I made this because it takes some time to find the level name and put in map c2sk3cwm3, and then equip the weapons that you normally have access to in a run, with the right amount of grenades and stuff.

OFC this differs from runner to runner, but the amount of health/nades/ammo/armor should be pretty accurate.

The saves are tested on NGHL and Steam pipe version, with bunnymod and without bunnymod. I dont know about the WON versions.

I hope you find this helpful. And if this is pure crap for you guys, a mod can free to delete this post.

Have a good one!




Well, ammo is actualy pretty accurate but health and armour… Everything depends of playing style. The most ideal saves (before infinite health door) would look like this. 1hp, 0 armour and somewhere near are 10 health kits and 10 batteries, so people can adjust their stats for their needs. I think, savepack with proper optimisation could be added to Half-Life basics, tutorials, downloads - helpdesk topic. It could be very helpful for the beginners, but for most of us (for me atleast) these saves are kinda useless.

Anyway, this is a very nice way to introduce yourself. We appreciate it.


I understand. I was just assuming that if you want to test things you use bunnymod pro and can set health and battery with sv_sethealth and sv_setbattery. So i didnt put a lot of effort into that. This was just mostly for myself, and decided to share if others are looking for this. :slight_smile:


I doubt they’re useless, if you just need to grind a segment you don’t need to be 100% run realistic. Especially considering the amount of health & battery you have is dependent on how well you’ve played in previous chapters…

At least, I’ll make good use of them.

Also, first post hype! ;D


Welcome both of you.

also, pretty cool that you introduce yourself with a contribution! that speaks very well of you, Joel. :^)


Hey Joel + nd, great to see you both on the forums!

I don’t think Joel’s saves are useless at all, like he said, you can use commands in the console to change your health and armor anyway, so if you really want to practice collecting items you can do so using those.

Good job and a nice contribution + idea! :slight_smile: