Half-life mouse stuttering


So I keep getting some weird mouse stuttering while playing. By stuttering I mean I’ll be strafing and every so often it seems like the mouse locks up for a split second and then goes back to working. As if the mouse is still inputting, but the client doesn’t show the input for a second, and then it jumps to where it would have been if it was showing the input, if that makes any sense. I’ve noticed it in the steam version and in nghl. I’ve also tried to run the game in fullscreen and windowed, both to no avail. Let me know if there are any pc specs or other stuff you might need.


Have you tried using RInput?


No I haven’t, I’ll give it a try.


I tried using it, but for nghl it messes up the mouse and makes it reversed, and for the steam version it makes the mouse not work at all. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?


Do you mean the mouse gets reversed in the menus?
You can easily go trough the menus using the arrowkeys and the enter key.
RInput fixed this exact issue for me on NGHL with WON dll’s.


I installed WON dll’s for nghl, but the menu is still messed up. It seems like where the cursor is in the client isn’t the same place as the actual cursor, it’s kind of offset for whatever reason. Other than the odd cursor issue everything seems to have worked.


That is actually the case. The way RInput works is it feeds fake cursor positions to the game based on raw input data, so the system mouse acceleration doesn’t mess up stuff. The result of this is that sometimes the mouse can be slightly offset. I think it might happen if the mouse or game window moves or something but I don’t really know. AFAIK, it doesn’t always happen. RInput is still really cool though, especially for games involving airstrafing. So hopefully it works for you :slight_smile:


The DLLs don’t have any effect on the menu.

Yes, RInput will mess up the ability to use the mouse in the menu most of the time but there are no side effects in-game. As mentioned you can use the arrows, TAB and return keys to navigate the menu if necessary.