Half Life: MadCrabs done in 10:58.19


Half Life: MadCrabs done in 10:58.19
This Run has been in the making for quite some time now.
Done in 61 Segments
Here is the 60fps download, MadCrabs Run 60fps
Now this is my first actually rendered (full)run of anything in half life, so there may be flaws, if you see any tell me the help will be appreciated


Nice run, and good quality video.

But goodness, that mod looks pretty dull. I can’t imagine playing it without bunnyhopping - all the distances looked about twice as long as they needed to be. And there looked like there was an awful lot of empty space.

Also, what was going on at 9:12-10:35?


at this point in the game you’re supposed to go in that vent, get stuck and fight some headcrabs, after that the gate opens
now as you can see a placed a tripmine over the gate so I can get out, it saves some time


Sweet bhop style and very nice use of tripmines. Besides the missing bhop 13:18-13:48 it was very well made : >


very nice bhop sections, nice trice. great execution.
Great run!


Agree with the others, really neat run! I haven’t played the mod but the run was still very entertaining. And by the way, I didn’t notice anything I disliked about the rendering. Looked seamless and it kept a high video quality.

Great job!

Missed bhop? That part looked like a cutscene to me?


It was a joke. And it was funny : >


What is this “joke” that you are speaking of? I have not ever heard of this “joke” word. Please do not try to be “funny”, nothing in this world is “funny”. All is dull and serious and boring and depressing.