Half-Life Expansion GCF files


Hey guys! Im here with this topic to post the GCF for half-life’s expansions. The expansions can be extracted with GCFscape and placed into the root folder of The NGHL Client and be played on that! The GCF’s are from my steam client (I backed them up)

Blue Shift GCF: bit.ly/JyzJ8e
Opposing Force GCF: bit.ly/1l72Gqc
GCFscape: bit.ly/1lEP3Mh

[Main HL GCF if anyone wants it: bit.ly/1l7xZ49 Thanks Exe ~<3]

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HL (Orange) GCFs for those who want to stay out of SteamPipe with build 4554 or earlier: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25190969/HL/HL-GCFs.7z


I was looking for a Blue Shift GCF, thanks for this.


I’m dumb, what’s a GCF?


Stands for Game Cache File I think.

It’s a single file that contains most of the data needed to play a game, used in GoldSource and Source games before Steampipe. For example, in TF2, all the taunts and weapon sounds are kept in the GCF, as are models, textures etc. As far as I’m aware, it’s designed to keep games less fragmented on the harddrive and easier for steam to manage.


half-life.gcf link have died. Reupload please.

E: Found another solution. Would still be nice with a resurrection though.


Link is still working for me.


Use Steam Half-Life for HLAE.


There’s no way to use HLAE with non-steam clients.
To capture the demos you’ve made using NGHL, you will have to play them via Steam Half-Life. If you want viewdemo functionality, take a look at HLAE’s included demo converter tool.


oh thanks, I didnt know that


If you REALLY need to use No-Steam HLAE, you can use MovieNations’ HLAE: