Half Life: done reverse runs


Had this Idea many years ago, when I was running the Ps2 version of Half-Life… And completed some chapters aswell… Now I wanna do some remakes with new tricks and with the possibilities that the PC version can give.

Apprehension completed in reverse mode (from final map to starting map)

Time: 1:50



Nice! :smiley:


Anomalous Materials completed in reverse mode (from final map to starting map)

Time: 1:20

Keeping up the Half-Life: done reverse project… This time we gonna cover the first chapter in the game, done from the last map to the starting map, where the game begins… Enjoy!

Tricks description:

00:01 Touching the trigger that closes/opens the Test Lab door

00:03 This segment was quite hard to do flawless, first of all saving is not possible or the scientist skip wont work, second thing Einstein is randomly talking with Eli about some stupid stuff most of the time causing several seconds of time loss, third thing I had to jump over the trigger that activates the “broken computer” sequence, the only way to skip it is jumping over the little headcrab chamber and being very careful to not accidentaly touch the trigger, also I lowered the fps to 30 so the scientist could turn around faster (had to put again 100 fps or the “invisible push” trick couldnt work at 00:23)

01:10 The sequence for the door of the first map is triggered as soon as the map is loaded

Number of segments: 5