Half-Life: Done Enormously Warped



3 months ago possibilty of “save warping” glitch was found in the GoldSRC engine. The biggest use of this trick was in RTA speedruns and was put into Half-Life 1 scripted: seeing use in the test chamber save warp, Blast Pit skip, c2a2h skip and others. Soon, people started to get extremely short times for RTA: d0t was the first guy that beat the legendary “Half-Life in Half an Hour” segmented speedrun by 9 seconds, in real time!

I found this as a reason to start a new segmented speedrun on Half-Life. Just those two RTA-viable save warps already will save 2 minutes at least.

So, we are starting a new Half-Life segmented speedrun!

The run will be done on SteamPipe-beta unmodded version (6027 build), on “Hard” difficulty. The run will differ from hl21 mainly in the use of save warping. Since the run is done on the Steam version we will be using ducktapping to avoid the 544UPS speedcap that is present on Steam, as well we will be doing the run with unlimited fps and abusing the quick gauss glitch that is only avaliable on the steam version of the game.


Just TAS the game tbh




yeah a TAS would be awesome.


Imo, if create a full game hl1 TAS - make 100aa TAS.


Why Hard difficulty?


There are at least two places where getting 10 armor from battery is better than 15. Next to broken bridge before office (will probably take same as hl21) and before the big elevator in Blast Pit. Also, all previous segmented runs done on Hard, and I want to make this run claim WR in that category still.


mid run difficulty change DansGame


picking up two batteries and getting 25 armor :smiley:


Is this segmented run being done alone, or in a team like the majority of GoldSRC runs?


A hefty team of runners are going to make it.


Thats cool! Keep it up guys! You all have the proper skill to do a HL<19 run!


Are there any videos of save warping on YouTube for Half Life 1. I know Yalter has a video on Twitch, but twitch hates me and I can’t play it.


Centaur1um has a three part tutorial on savewarping. He uses Half-Life: Source in the video, but it works the same way in Half-Life.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


We should note that wrong save warping (or whatever) has been discovered too. Which is:

  • Save on map 1
  • Savewarp from map 3 to map 2 with 1’s save

Sometimes with this you can even keep your weapons.


Yes. Besides save warping, Rama found wrong warping as well, but nobody cared for some reason. He asked me about use of it in our run few days ago, and it turned out, no one had an idea about that. And after that, hlstuff modified his tool for Half-Life and created some stuff for finding warps. Sequences that use save warping, wrong warping and their backwards versions combined, preety much break the game. We have already almost done rerouting and we have found so many crazy skips using warping.


Whats the estimated final time?


It is very, very low. We keep it private :wink:


I bet is 17:45[/move]


You’re wrong[/move]