Half-Life Done Enormously Warped speedrun in 6:26


…And it’s finally out! :sunglasses:

High-quality video downloads

Half-Life DEW - 720p60 472.8MB 60 720p
Half-Life DEW - 720p120 583.8MB 120 720p
Half-Life DEW - 1080p60 851.6MB 60 1080p
Half-Life DEW - 1080p120 1.1GB 120 1080p
Half-Life DEW - 1440p60 1.3GB 60 1440p
Half-Life DEW - 1440p120 1.6GB 120 1440p
Half-Life DEW - 4K60 2.4GB 60 4K
Half-Life DEW - 4K120 3.0GB 120 4K

Save warping explanation video is available for your viewing pleasure here.

Temporary live commentary done after the run premiere can be found here.

More details are available on the page below

Feel free to post your feedback, questions or anything else you have in mind!


Is there likely to be a proper in-depth run commentary? Not that someone couldn’t work it all out from the stream commentary, it’s just I’d prefer something more casually watchable for explaining the run.


Man, what a great achievement this run is. It might not be exactly the most entertaining to watch, but I’d argue it’s short enough for the warping to not get too repetitive.

The amount of warp routing work that went into this is huge. Even with SWT and the support scripts to help there are many of possibilities for each warp which all had to be considered. Thanks shar for maintaining the passion for the run throughout, it wouldn’t’ve been possible without him.

I also want to say that I really enjoyed the run trailer and the editing in general. Overall it turned out super cool.


It’s a mere 6 minutes and a half but you can tell how much time and effort was put into this run. Really glad to see the community make something so amazing. Congrats to everyone involved.