Half-Life Day One in 7:44


Half-Life Day One Single-Segment in 7:44
New run. Saved 3 minutes. I was very worried in the end, so I lost ~15 seconds. :\

old run

Recorded without demos, only FRAPS @ 60FPS.

Duckrolls elevate you into the air infinitely, I love this bug :>


Very cool bug! But wouldn’t it be possible to go up to the trigger_changelevel directly in the testchamber?


Yes it is possible, he tested it but for some reason the map c1a1 doesn’t load at all.


That can happen in the regular game too but it gets fixed if you save and reload on c1a0c (which should be fine if it’s an RTA), not sure if that applies to Day One though.


Sure, thanks. I’ll talk about it to TMU.


Cool tricks indeed.

The reason behind c1a1 don’t wanna load is because you’re still inside the c1a0c trigger once you’re transferred. This bug resets once you save and load the game like ck said. But to avoid being inside the trigger when you spawn at c1a0c, you can simply make a small triggerdelay to get outside the trigger. Like I did in my SS.


Thanks, Quad, it’s works. I’ll make a new run very soon.