Half-Life co-op / Sven Co-op


So, how come this hasn’t been done yet?

I think that we (me, Zhouy & quadrazid) came to the conclusion that using the original game would work out better than playing it through Sven Co-Op [yuck]. What you would need then is to set out spawn points in Valve Hammer which would take a while but definitely not longer than it would take to get a good co-op IL run. We also had a problem with enabling friendly fire; making it impossible to really optimise it and do the kind of entertaining speedrun that I’m sure most of you guys most rather would watch. Anyone know a workaround on this?

I’m going to have a lot of freetime this year and quadrazid is only at home on the weekends due to his duty so if anyone is interesting in playing with me don’t hesitate to ask.

I guess we could collect co-op tricks in this thread, this is a cool trick at c1a0c we found a while back ago (haven’t been co-op’ing since then :p)
Trick #1


I got information from a reliable source telling me that the only “real” issue we have before we can start running this is to add spawns to ~90 maps in Hammer. I could consider doing this myself if no one else is up for the task


I’ll help, but I’m gonna have to reinstall (and relearn :P) Worldcraft, and if you want another runner, I’m sure I could squeeze in some time in-between HL:S :smiley:


Since the map source is unavailable, we have to decompile maps to edit them in Hammer.
So a better way to fix this is with Ripent. (All Zhouy’s coop mods is done with this)

We also have to decide if and how to end maps since there is no levelchange in multiplayer.
One way could be to change the trigger_changelevel to trigger_end or w/e.
Or simply just proceed as far as the map goes.

We might also have to edit the dmg for weapons because they make more dmg in multi then singleplayer.
A headcrab dies after two 9mmhandgun shots on hard, multiplayer.
A headcrab dies after one 9mmhandgun shots on easy, multiplayer.

But if we could get this going - coolest run ever 8)


I forgot all about the fact that MP weapons have a greater damage than SP, I can try to work on coding that, so I’ll start reading up.




I would definitely be interested in watching or participating in a run such as this. I’ve always wanted to do something similar to it in HL2 but the only way I see that happening is in Synergy and that’s with it’s flaws.


Great to see such an interest for a run like this! I’m really looking forward to start running this with you guys and whom else who would be interested :-*

I’m using SpawnPointEditor to edit the spawns, quite easy for a greenhorn like me when it comes to mapping to use.


I’ve added spawnpoints to about 40 maps today so we should get ready to start playing this fairly soon :-*


Is this run dead? I just saw the topic, andf I would love seeing it, and I could help with planning/running if you guys want me to, but something tells me you guys encountered a major problem to stop this without warning. Did you just loose motivation? Anyway, if any of you are still up I surely will help!


This run would require too much effort to make & people are busy with more important projects.


Anybody ever thought of that? Mod already comes with fixed speedcap, climbing and maps that are fun to run.
Maps like RECO, RE1 and reo1 would be pretty interesting. All of them are set into Resident Evil universe with puzzles, zombies and final bosses. Coop would make this a lot faster.
A: Picks up a keycard for certain door.
B: Already waiting at the door, making the run a lot faster.

The idea is: single-segment-coop-run. I was originally thinking about 2-man coop-run, but more players; faster run, hence more interesting.
Every player would record their own demo then we would gather them into one single video.

Only thing from stopping me from doing a run alone is how insanely hard the maps are. Not only the difficulty, just staying alive or defeating the final bosses are hard, almost impossible.
I would be ready to team up if anybody is interested. Rules are negotiable, I don’t really care.
I would prefer aa100, though. :smiley:


While I do understand why you merged these two topics, I was aiming more on the Sven-Coop/RE maps. That’s why I made a separate topic, with more or less misleading title. It has nothing to do with running HL1 coop.


I think sven-coop is pretty relevant to half-life coop. Might as well revive this thread.

Anyway, I personally can’t really help with this since I don’t enjoy sven-coop that much. It’s mostly a bunch of huge ugly monsters with ridiculous high amount of health that needs ten respawns to finish.
Maybe some well thought out cooperation would make this better. I’d really like to see you try.


Didn’t get anybody so… here’s my run of REO1.

The map is quite hard, that’s why you see me taking it very carefully. Lol.
aa1337, like it or not.


When my new coop mod is done (which may take a while though), maybe people are willing to make this coop speedrun? As my currently untitled mod will keep the Half-Life story as original as possible with minor changes. This means changes as more spawnpoints in all maps and some changes in the coding that allows changelevel in multiplayer, all weapons acts like they do in sp (eg. long gauss charge) etc.


I’d love to make a speedrun like this ::slight_smile:


Kinda sad this run never actually happened.
Is anyone still interested in running this / doing a segmented run?


Yeah, what a shame. I’d be down if there’s interest.


Here’s a discord link if you want to join: https://discord.gg/0pOSZAovE7ECEHBN

Doesn’t seem like anyone is running atm. but i’m looking for new strats every day.