Half-Life Chapters Quiz


Can you name the chapters of each installment of the Half-Life series?

Post your score. And preferably paste the chapters you could remember.

Cheating will result in permanent ban.


Omg no I can’t. Can I do some revision first?

Going to have a try anyway.


You got 45 out of 70 answers correct.
Pretty satisfied, the episodes and decay is hard.

btw, isn’t it possible to post hidden content?

Edit: Ok, Im doing it your way then.

HL 18/18
OF 10/11
BS 5/6
DY 2/9
HL2 8/14
EP1 1/5
EP2 1/7


I actually don’t think you can.
I only got 12. >.>

6 from vanilla life.
2 from opposing force thanks to quad.
3 from half life 2
1 from ep2. (< I have no idea how I remembered that one.)


37 out of 70 total.

Half Life 2 14/14
Blue Shift and Decay none, never played them (yet)
Opposing Force only the last chapter because Quad said it out loud in his AC. Havent played it either.
Ep 2 6/7. Couldnt come up with the second chapter, which is quite shameful because i really enjoyed ep2.
ep1 2/5 which i am satisfied with. i knew what the other 3 chapters were about but couldnt come up with their name.
half life 1: 14/18 which I am quite surprised by.
I honestly only played full hl1 only once with several tries earlier which ended during the Trainchapter. Same story as with ep1, I knew what they were about, but couldnt come up with their name. Also surprisingly 50% of the chapters i didnt guess are pre-Trainchapter. Quite unexpected since I played those chapters like 6 times, as opposed to the single time I played the others.

HL 14/18
OF 1/11
BS 0/6
D 0/9
HL2 14/14
EP1 2/5
EP2 6/7

I got these (includes names, so dont read if you still need to play this quiz):
hl1: All but “Anomalous Materials”,“Blast Pit”,“Residue Processing”&“Gonarch’s Lair”.
OF: Only “Worlds Collide”
BS: None
Decay: None
HL2: All
Ep1: “Direction Interventon”&“Urban Flight” only
Ep2: All but “This Vortal Coil”

Yeah, this board needs [spoiler]spoilers tags[/spoiler]


I could name more of the maps that I could have named chapters. =D


The chapters are like a motif of Half-Life. I guess that’s why I know them pretty well. But I’m actually pretty bad on the map names.


I got 59 :smiley:


Half-Life: 17/18 I damn missed unforeseen consequences, I always thought it was unforseen instead
Opposing Force: All :smiley:
Blue Shift: 5/6 missed duty calls
Decay: 2/9 I don’t know decay at all :frowning:
HL2: All :smiley:
Episode one: 4/5 urban flight? Didn’t remember that…
Episode 2: 6/7 I thought it was “The vortal coil”


HL 5/18
OF 0/11 (Played once)
BS 0/6 (Played once)
D 0/9 (Never played)
HL2 14/14
EP1 3/5
EP2 6/7 (Couldn’t for some reason remember the last chapter’s name…)

As you probably see I’m more of a hardcore Half-Life 2 (and the episodes, the second installment if you will) fan, though I reeeeeeaaaaaally love the first one as well of course.


Got 51 out of 70, but before starting the game I was remembering all of the chapter names, and then I’ve actually started it.
HL 16/18
OP4 7/11
BS 3/6 (if not the quad’s run, it’d be 1 :D)
DY 3/9 (was the hardest, but I’ve managed to remember some of them)
HL2 12/14
EP1 4/5
EP2 6/7

I’m pretty amazed by my result. If not quad’s OF and BS runs, I’d have less answers for the expansions :stuck_out_tongue:


You got 15 out of 70 answers correct.

Most of them were in HL1 and I’m kind of annoyed over the ones I missed in HL1. HL2 chapter names are just weird, not to mention EP1 and EP2.


HL 15/18
OF 2/11
BS 0/6
D 0/9
HL2 10/14
EP1 2/5
EP2 2/7


so I’m the best result yet? :smiley:


Looks like it.


I got 100% on my third try, after some revision :wink:


How did you got Decay 100% if you dont know anything 'bout it?


Maybe because he studied the chapters because he wanted to ace the quiz?


I could do that too if I wanted to, but I won’t coz it’s no fun. Did you get them in order? Now speedrun that quiz, I want to see a time >10:30


the speedrun is a good idea xD

about decay, well Quad gave me the challenge to get 70/70, and he gave me the spreasheet of the decay speedrun (which included chapter names) so I could study them without replaying them all. I may try speedrunning it, it could be nice.


I’ve already done one :wink:
SS with scripts, 13sec: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15635035/13seconds.png

Now you can do a scriptless run, by heart, so no reference sheet that you just type over!