Half Life: Black Ops Tutorial in 1:54


Segmented speedrun of the Black Ops (Mod) Tutorial, done in 8 segments by me (SuperFrizzio).

Little tutorial speedrun I completed for fun last evening and decided to upload it

The mod is very cool, click on this link if you wanna download it via ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/black-ops

A complete speedrun of the main storyline may come too!

Tricks explanation:

0:00 : The first 5 seconds of the tutorial are completely black, pretty much like the beginning of Unforeseen Consequnces or Opposing Force, this is not displayed on the demo.

0:06 : Skipping the flashlight/ventilator shaft section by touching the trigger next to the red circles (if you fall somewhere else you gonna be teleported behind the crates again)

1:10 : You can actually “read the note” from behind the wall and activate the door panel

1:28 : Need to wait a bit until the explosion trigger disappears so I don’t get killed

1:54 : End, thanks for watching


:o Thats cool!


Thanks man! I would love to speedrun the games Upside Down (as shown in some of the quadrazid’s videos)… But the “mod” is not working to me (I’m stuck to the ground and I just can slide on it) :’(

Any fix to this?