Half-Life Before


Has anyone here looked at this mod?


For having such a snazy website, it is actually a pretty god awful game. Literally 2 maps, it lags the fuck out of my computer for some reason and the boss blue-screened my PC once. That being said, it’s pretty short and I thought it would be interesting to see it optimized. Did a couple plays and got a 3:38, and this guy got a 3:16 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3kqfifLbZk. Sorry if this is already known about but it is GoldSrc and I didn’t see a topic for it so here it is. (Side note: not shown in the video is the fact that you can grab 2 smg nades right off the bat, and your armor is at a perfect amount for a good boost :wink: )


Saw the video and INSTANTLY, saw route improvements. The mod itself seems like its the Mountain Caves of Half Life 1(don’t understand what I mean? - http://tinyurl.com/HL2EP2MCSR). Almost commented to tell him how to improve, but, I’m assuming its his first WR so I didn’t want to say, YOU MISSED ALL THIS STUFF IDIOT! Saw an opportunity for an obbo around the 50 second mark. The one could probably just bhop most of it, with some grenade boosts and AR grenade boosts, although that might be needed to be saved for the boss.
Seems infinitely exploitable. :slight_smile:
Quad might be able to find a way to get it done in about sub 2 minutes, or sub 1:30.


Yeah I was talking to the guy and it’s obvious that he wasn’t really taking it too seriously. If this ran higher than 10 fps on my computer I’d try to optimize it but it doesn’t so I can’t do a whole lot. Just wanted to get the word out about this I guess.


Are we taking this seriously? I wouldn’t mind doing a serious run of this mod. It looks like a lot of fun (to run) anyways. I need to get it installed and take a look at it. See if I could probably get sub 3 minutes.


Probably worst mod I have ever played : >

I didn’t realize the demo recording stopped at the map change so I made the boss fight afterwards.


Holy shit this is amazing Quad I love you

Really though that is cool as hell. I love how you get there so fast that G Man is still walking away. Awesome.


This must be a joke.


Thanks. Gotta love that Nihilanthbarnacle.



can’t say I disagree


Wait, this got Greenlit?


Can’t believe this is a thing.


My first reaction to the mod release was: how could this crap get to Steam?


Take a guess: http://steamcommunity.com/greenlight


The best part was a that circle-strafe Revolver-Shotgun curbstomp. That was the best.


Looking back at this thread, I realize how much of a idiot I was. I would never get a speedrun done of this mod. I would start it then it would float off into the infinite abyss of my hard drive. Thanks Quad for taking the pain for us all.