Half-Life : Add-ons


Because its not available anymore, and its just mods, someone uploaded the entirety Half-Life : Add-ons to ModDB.

lots and lots of random crap from modders for HL1 - http://www.moddb.com/games/half-life/addons/half-life-add-ons-rare-cd

haven’t looked at it yet, but wow. take a look at what it advertises.
-Aggregate Pain
-Grunt’s Domain
-HL Shadows
-Freeman’s Revenge Road of Destiny
-Optimum Fear
-TFC with 25 extra maps

Along with 12 more SP mods. It also contains lots of other random stuff like player models/skins, 180 deathmatch maps apperantly, config files, and editors, wallpapers, desktop themes, Half-Life Font, Prefabs, and a Half-Life WinAmp Skin?

This is not an advertisement.


i wonder what happened to the guy because wasn’t this sold illegally in stores?
but its cool someone posted it there on moddb


So, if I put bunch of shitty content that I’ve done on a CD and sell it online it’s going to be rare?


Nope, its rare because only like 2 people have this CD now.


You better download and burn it so at least 3 people have it on CD.


One of the guys at RPS has a disc still. So that’s four if he’s not one of the two.


he was one of the 2