Half-Life 2 with GoldSrc Movement


There is a mod which makes the GoldSrc movement on Half-Life 2 that I have had a mess about with recently. It made me think how great a segmented run would be on it. Doesn’t have to happen but I think it’s definitely an interesting idea. If it ever happened I’d love to take part if possible. Thanks.


Found the link again. Here it is - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3tjdfyBCX1PQ0JQMUR4NV9rZ0k


Before I get any more replies I am going to greece for a week tomorrow so sorry I won’t be able to read any replies for a while.


Is this the mod created by sndrec? I believe this existed for a while now :smiley:

Would be cool to see what’s possible with it for sure.


I think so. I made some demos as a little segmented run of my own but I think the mod may be worthy of a team run. Here’s a download - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hDPevKAPdDdgSmcwWNp6tm6NY4qNW2wS


On trainstation_04 I got some weird thing where I clipped through the roof when crouching and uncrouching.


Messing about I just got it again. If lucky you may be able to use it to save time.


it could be real interesting, what skips would have to change though? i think building and maintaining speed would probably be most important thing.


From what I have found it’s pretty hard to gain as much speed. I finished up to nearly ravenholm so check out my demos to see skips. My ravenholm was extremely shit and we can definitely find a better way


the run is underway at the moment! we’re working on mainly exploit hunting/routing right now, but we’re working on it.

if you want to try out the mod for yourself, we made a simplified version compared to the one originally linked. here’s the install guide.

if you’re interested in getting involved and have a background in either HL1 or HL2 speedrunning, message me on discord @spikehunter#6838, and make sure to join the official sourceruns discord server. we’ll share some progress on there.

the run’s going to be a mixture of oe and ne strats due to the build and changed movement. it’s specifically running on build 4104.

if u have any questions either hit me up on discord or just reply to this thread, i’ll try to answer every query i can.

thanks, spike