Half-Life 2: Update Speedrunning


So if you haven’t heard, tomorrow there will be a HL2 mod released on Steam. From the video and screenshots it seems to only improve visuals and such, no changes to any of the maps. On page 3 of the brochure, however, they mention various bugs being fixed, including ‘bad’ triggers.

Do you think this mod will be equivalent to the original game as far as speedrunning is concerned? I think it would be cool if it was, but I have doubts.


To me it just looks like they put it on the newer engine, the one CS: GO uses, along with the other polishing, as far as Speedrunning, they are not changing most of the levels if atall so it should be relatively similar. It could be possible to load the original maps if they do change it so you can speedrun it normally but with better graphics. Does not look as impressive as Cinematic mod, but that changes the levels drastically.
Edit: Its also kinda funny Evga and Nvidia are sponsering it since you only need like a potato to play HL2, and the update is probably not that much more demanding.


wait, is this coming to steam? because nothing in that flyer indicates that it is.


I don’t think running it would be any different to a run like Dwahmov. But if they touched ABH imma get real mad.


Yeah I hope that you’re right. I could really use some reduction in fps because I don’t like vsync too much but at ~300fps there’s so much tearing. And yeah, it would be nice if you can easily use the old maps in case they mess with triggers/clipbrushes




Uh this is essentially a mod if im reading this correctly. It wont automatically install and overwrite the base HL2 or anything.


What’s all this? A command for me to set a maximum rendered fps?


Yes indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:
It defaults to 300 or something, but you can easily set it to something lower and it won’t mess with physics or anything. It requires reloading the map to take effect, but you could put it in your autoexec to ensure the cap always takes effect (I’m not sure if it’s archived / saved in Steam cloud but autoexecing it won’t hurt I guess).

edit: if this didn’t exist by the way (in other games I guess it potentially doesn’t), you could always get the free edition of Fraps, Bandicam or some other screen capture tool which has FPS limiting capabilities.


Yeah I actually have bandicam but when it limits the fps it doesn’t do it properly (I still get tearing). I’ll just play around with that command and likely put it in the autoexec. Thank you.

Back on topic, HL2: Update is now available on steam, and it’s a 3.1GB download, estimated to take up around 6485MB. I won’t be able to try it until Monday but I’m really interested to find out what it’s like.


Hmm… Interesting. Never heard of this mod until now. I’ll play it and share some info of whats still here. I’m at 82% downloaded at the moment, so I hope this is speedrunable just like hl2.

EDIT: Does anyone think that this mod supports Skins of some sort for hl2? Or Will they just break?


Ok Here’s What I Got:
-Load times are somewhat faster (Kinda Unsure)
-Everything in SPT Works with it. (I dont Even)
-Gui Is The Same
-Abh Is Still InTact. (Awsome)
-Wall-Climb is Intact. (Good)
-found that d1_canals_01 skips are still there

Thats What I got So Far. So hope a run might be possible.


Can you post the size of the levels in bytes/kilobytes, so that we can Compare them, that should tell us if they changed anything, although source pre-calculates the lighting so that may change it.


Bad news

Trying to leave coast_01 on foot won’t trigger a change_level. You need the buggy


Kill me…
Does that apply to all coast maps? From the way the buggy handles, I don’t think it will be a very fun mod to speedrun if thats the case, the buggy is just too clunky for me, even when I was playing the game normally the coast bits did not feel very fun with the buggy.
PS. Cinematic mod looks better


A buggy can also be probably used to carry out some epic movement.

I like the flamewar that people started about CM vs. this in its steam discussions.




(Bit off topic) Yalter is there a script which makes you “bounce” on the goo in water hazard so you take less damage?


Uh ehm. Don’t you do that with like holding space? Also there’s a duckspam in spt.


Will the duckspam reduce the damage taken from the goo? (And/or coast eels)


Alternative comparison