Half-life 2 old engine


people have been trying to get a 2004 engine version of half-life 2 for speedruning on the old engine itself…

now you can do it now with this sourcemod that runs in source SDK base 6 and allows you to prop fly like how it was in the old engine and all other kinds of old engine speedruning tricks.

the zip file comes with the game and ModMaker

Link: ***Removed ***


Does it include all the maps, textures and sounds? In other words, is it fully playable like it would be if you got it from steam?


I believe it is, i saw this before and people were saying how perfectly worked. Not sure how true it is though.


Removed the link. Don’t post, what is basically, a torrent to the forums. It’s illegal, and I would like to keep that stuff off the site, otherwise I’m the one who gets in trouble.