Half-Life 2 Old engine?


I’ve seen some stuff on here about old engine and watched some stuff done on it in the past, is there a simple way to get the old engine version through steam or something along those lines or if I want to try it do I need to ‘aquire’ it otherwise?


Use this https://mega.co.nz/#!z9tFWQbI!W-J8bBOm3De3rg1xvXgqYT1rp6DFORJNyO7PcQYndGU
Just open all your Steam version VPKs and extract the content to the OE folder


If that doesn’t work, use this magnet link in some Bittorrent software (e.g uTorrent)


Sometimes the assets like sound and textures don’t work in the method above.


Okay cheers guys, I’ll give them a shot now, I’ll come running if I do something wrong or something’s not working for me! :slight_smile: