Half Life 2 Old Engine Rerun


like 5-10 active ppl


I heard some talk about an old engine re-run but I did not imagine that this is so massive! Really excited!

It is really THAT much faster than DWaVMoV? I thought it was so fast because it had ABH. I know nothing about the HL2 history though so please excuse my ignorance.


you’re right to think that this wouldn’t beat DWaVMoV,
but due to a HUGE about of glitches we’ve discovered we not only beat DWaVMoV
we [glow=green,2,300][shadow=red,left]fucking[/shadow] destroy it


Heh :3


THAT is what I like to hear (°3°)/




Is this the new dank meme? #subXhype?


yes fnzzy


Sub1hr isn’t hype because we can’t call the run hl21 now kappa


How far have you gotten in the run?
Because I’d love to help out and find some routes :3


If you find any route timesavers, post them here.


I forgot. I removed my old engine hl2 ;_;


Michael, please don’t make worthless posts saying that you want to help out, only to have your next post say you don’t have it installed. Only warning.

Edit: Going through your other posts, you seem to make a lot of posts with zero substance AND (this one seriously needs to stop) the past couple posts, you seem to just ask questions about different runs or projects. This forum doesn’t serve for new members with little-to-no desire to participate to build up a post-count on so they can have bragging rights; we’ve been getting a lot of these the past couple months. The same warning goes for these too. We really do not appreciate dealing with members who are only here to watch and clutter up our forum. If I see any more posts of these type, I’m going to issue a permanent ban. We can also tell when people are being bullshit artists, it’s not hard to spot.


We’re on the 20th segment at the moment, which is the second to last segment of d1_trainstation_03.

WindedCone made the timesheet public for all to see the progress here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgCFhuvzjH5sdFgxUmZfeTh6czBPU2hfVlczRGpIdFE#gid=16

Demos are kept private to the runners of course.


20 segments to Trainstation_03? Is this a TAS?


Just a lot of crazy things going on.


141 segments into trainstation05 ;D


I like some of the new glitches I’m seeing that are physics related. I haven’t browsed them all, but the teleporter trick was sick, especially since I spent a lot of time with that thing trying to find a game breaker and couldn’t. Any bhop + grav or collision boosts are sick as well, but needing an additional segment to do it is weak. That trainstation_01 turnstile jump, and many other of the “cool looking” tricks, were already completed, but excluded because they could not be completed together in one segment and were not enough of a time saver (like skipping a dialogue scene) to justify a mid-map segment, which were treated like anti-speedrunning poison.

We had to do that a couple times in our run due to time constraints + dying interest (we had only 2 people that could run an entire segment in good time at one point), and it was weak then too. With so many segments you might as well also just use slow-mo and go all out. Save/load glitches also don’t seem “within” the game to me.


whether or not saveloading is “within the game”, it is most certainly within the process of segmenting. Think of it as a savewarp, which tons of games utilize in segmented and rta runs. Here it just happens to be smaller and repeatable.


Well, it’s hard to establish a segmenting policy because it would be kind of arbitrary, and it was going a lot towards more segments lately, especially since we found how to smooth out the segment transitions, so using more segments doesn’t make the video less enjoyable.