Half life 2 No mouse run


Recently i seen the binds in autoexec_segmented of hl2 old engine unpack, the was a sensitivity 0 in the bind, so i thought, why not to make a run without mouse movement? is it possible? I think we still can somehow turn around.


It’s possible to run the game entirely from the console. It’s easy enough to remove the mouse from gameplay. But you could also completely unbind every key on the keyboard and complete the game.
With that said, you can use +left or +right in the console, or create binds of +left and +right to look around.

Just because it’s possible doesn’t make it enjoyable.
With that said, if you want to subject yourself to that kind of category and enjoy yourself, go right ahead.


Ahem, i mean with keyboard but without mouse movement in any way, even through console


Even still, you can bind +left or +right to a key. I believe the arrow keys work well for this.
If you didn’t want to do that, you could use a variety of input devices. Other people have played through in a variety of ways, Peroquenaiz completely HL2 using a steering wheel, and chili_n_such completed HL2 with a graphical tablet.

The point still stands, it’s very possible to remove the mouse.


You don`t get the main point. Do not change the view at all, even with external devices. No mouse, console, gamepads, +left, +right’s, steering wheels, etc


You want to turn around without any external devices or the console? Good luck with that.
In fact, good luck doing anything in the game without the console, after all the binds are just console commands you’re using. Even moving about you’re using console commands. Shooting your gun? Using the console. Jumping, console. Ducking console. You get the point?

Besides, “I think we still can somehow turn around.” Do elaborate, since you make it seem like you already have some kind of idea.


I’d better do it by myself, youre right


To add to the point. It is possible to move without the camera. You can just strafe anywhere, the only problem is actually aiming, especially in Breen01


it is possible to not use a mouse in a game like Portal, but there are probably at least a few spots where you have to specifically aim at a specific spot to progress. if you are seriously going to pursue this I would recommend you take a deeper analysis of where you need to aim to progress. i think you could do a no mouse movement + airboat% because iirc, entering + exiting an vehicle resets your view angle to facing wherever the vehicle is facing. save deleting also resets your viewangle, so you could use that, but only at the start of each map. also good luck convincing people to actually help you out, because this would be a huge meme run undertaking.