Half Life 2: Lost Coast WR Done in 7.89 Seconds!


beat that bitrain :wink:


I will, don’t worry.


Wait, these runs are segmented?


Now they are :^)


the one in 9.38 was single segment, then the 7.89 was 2 segments


oh huh, was exec’s run segmented?


I believe it was, it looked like it anyway.


I beat your time KINDA

I routed a bit yesterday and found some faster theoretical launches without using the ramp on the boat, one day I’ll beat 7 second mark. Unless you’d like to collaborate and make an unbeatable WR?


Use this please, it’s fast http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Backwards_Circle_Jumping

Script here http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/AutoHotkey/Scripts#Backwards_Circle_Jump_Script or here

Also I have to say that I’m not really a fan of the timing method used in Lost Coast, I’d just end timing when the game throws you back to the menu. Timing when you hit the trigger to lower the lift thing seems pretty incaccurate. Also looks like you’re using the steam version, switching demo_legacy_rollback to 0/1(can’t remember which) should make demos look better.


Circle jumping is the reason my no-boat strat works.

I just use that timing method because exec used it and there’s nothing you can do to make the ending faster after you’ve hit that trigger anyway, other than kill birds or annoy the fisherman.


Yeah but that doesn’t make it good, ending timing on demo end would make it more accurate.


I was thinking of doing a stuck launch off one of those wooden boats that are right infront of the spawn, but I could never seem to get a perfect one. Getting the height is quite difficult.


All of you are doing it wrong, you should be using the 2014 Jared Space Program.

Also, I beat your time by 7 seconds. I had a demo but I lost it on my other email, but I can’t recover it because of a hard drive failure. It was great, though. I got 550 UPS from a ceiling strafe.